Micromarkets: Coffee Stations

Fresh coffee helps keep us alert and boost mental performance — making it the perfect way to start the day.

A coffee corner can be the highlight of any office space, with eye-catching machines that act as a central meeting place for employees to socialise and grab a drink.

We can help guide you towards the right kind of coffee station to fit your workplace or business venture.


The Advantages of Our Coffee Stands Provide…

Satisfaction for all clients and employees.

A large selection of brands and blends to choose from.

Easy-to-use machines.

The Advantages of Our Coffee Corners Include...

Coffee bars don’t just provide high-quality coffee but also act as a social hub for employees and customers — whether it’s just for a catch up, networking or even to have a meeting.

Additional benefits include:

High-Quality Coffee

Seamless Cashless Payment Options

Easy-to-use machines

An Additional Workplace Benefit for Job Applicants

No Additional Staff Required

A Chance To Show Off Individual Company Branding

How To Select the Perfect Coffee Station

Before purchasing a coffee corner, it’s important to know what your business needs from it. For example, businesses might need to consider the size of the machine(s) available, the range of blends on offer and brand variety. Below is a quick guide to finding the perfect coffee corner for your business:

Step 1: define requirements

It’s important to outline what you or your business needs from a coffee station, including the dimensions of the area, its purpose and the most popular types of blends to stock. It’s also critical to understand how many people the coffee station needs to cater for daily and plan for it— so nobody goes without.

Step 2: Analyse the location

Consider where the coffee bar will be located on-site. This includes site accessibility, proximity to consumers and ensuring compliance with site safety regulations to guarantee the machines are suitable for the environment in which they’re being placed.

Step 3: Determine assortment and filling quantity

Employees, clients, and guests deserve variety. Make sure there’s a range coffees, teas and other hot drinks available to account for every taste and preference. We advise that you create a consumer profile on those using your coffee station to understand what brands are popular.

Do you have any questions?

What Types of Beverages Are Available?

Depending on what coffee machine features you pick for your coffee corner, guests, employees and customers can expect these options from their station:

Popular Brands

Bean-To-Cup Coffee

instant coffee

Caffeinated & Decaffeinated Coffee

Hot Chocolate and Milk

hot water

Our Coffee Solutions

Coffee can help kickstart the day or push through a long afternoon of work. This is why our Foodies Micromarkets offers cost-effective hot drink options for all clients.

This includes high-class blends like our Pelican Rouge range, roasted in our very own roaster since 1863. We also serve Starbucks, Nescafe and Lavazza — sparking moments of joy for consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in coffee and hot drinks solutions for you or your business contact us now for more information and a quote. However, frequently asked questions are displayed below.

Yes, our coffee bars can be equipped with modern payment systems — offering both a range of cashless and mobile options as well as accepting coins and notes.

We offer hot drinks machine and tabletop alternatives for clients looking for a broader range of beverage options than just coffee.

Selecta's fully managed service includes regular technical check-ups, refills, and consultations to keep your coffee station in working order. 

Qualified Service

With over 60 years of expertise and a wealth of experience, we can guarantee quality service. With Selecta as your partner, you get high-performance coffee machines from renowned manufacturers, data-led product insights to help drive sales and round-the-clock maintenance and repairs.