Self-Serve Micromarket Smart Fridges

Our high-quality, durable machines offer an effective all-in-one solution. They’re cost-effective, fully self-service and can store a range of fresh food, drinks and snacks.

They’re also perfect for sites with limited space, available 24/7 and boast low operating costs and energy use.


How It Works

Our smart fridges are as easy to use as the fridge in your own home. They stock products for all tastes and preferences – providing diners with an experience that’s tailored to them — guaranteeing a joyful experience from entry to exit.

Users simply select the food and drink that they want from the smart fridges, pay for their goods at using an array of contactless and mobile payment platforms and tuck into their delicious meals quickly and effortlessly.

What Can Our Smart Fridges Provide?

Fast & Easily Accessible

Fresh & Healthy Range of Food

Energy-efficient, Money-Saving Machines

Wide Variety of Food & Beverages

Theft Protection

App & Contactless Payment Available

Flexible & Adaptable To Future Trends For Locations of Any Size

Isolated Compartments to Protect Against Contamination

The Perfect Solution for Hybrid Working

With hybrid working becoming increasingly popular, smart fridges are a cost-efficient solution for catering for workplaces with reduced employee attendance.

Selecta help to you manage your machines and inventory to fit around the new working hours for office staff — helping your business continue to make savings and not compromising on quality.