Commercial Coffee Machines

Nothing goes down better in the morning than a barista-style coffee or tea — they’re a guaranteed sell in almost every workplace and dining space in the morning.

Having the perfect coffee machine made bespoke for your business or setup can mean the difference between selling coffee and making customers happy and not. With Selecta on your side, you can spread joy to all your consumers.

Our selection of commercial coffee machines

Schaerer Barista
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WMF Espresso
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Cino Zoe (Nespresso compatible)

The proper commercial coffee machine for every business

Every business has its unique requirements for professional coffee machines. Our devices serve the needs of kiosks, coffee shops and hotels.


Commercial coffee machines for your kiosk

If you run a smaller kiosk, a space-saving commercial coffee machine can still give you that barista-style coffee you’re looking for while not taking up too much room.

Many of our smaller devices still offer 21 beverage options, are as easy to operate as our larger, fully automated coffee machines and don’t compromise on quality. Our complete range of desktop machines are perfect for those who sell around 100 cups a day.

When selecting the machine, pay particular attention to:

- The size of the machine and whether it fits into place without breaching health and safety regulations
- Easy cleaning and refilling
- A high-quality milk frothing nozzle for specialty drinks


Commercial coffee machines for bakeries, cafés and coffee shops

For those that run bakeries, cafes or coffee shops, the demand for high-quality coffee will be much higher. It’s not uncommon for these businesses to sell over 500 drinks a day — so, any machinery needs to be able to keep up.

Our range of our larger machines with more capacity help business owners tailour their coffee offering to prioritise the most desired cups. Machines in this category typically offer up to 24 coffee specialty options that can be made at the touch of a button without compromising on taste.

When selecting your commercial coffee machine, consider:

- Easy billing options through contactless payment
- Quick and convenient product selection through digital touch screens
- A complete technical service that is there for you 24/7


Commercial coffee machines for hotels and large restaurants

Coffee machines for hotels and large-scale catering have to deliver the perfect coffee — sometimes, non-stop throughout the day.

Hotels and large restaurants can easily expect to cater more than 500 drinks daily and around the clock, meaning that they need machines that are easy to operate for speedy delivery and easy to clean and maintain by any your staff.

Because a commercial coffee machine can make a significant difference to that day’s profits, a comprehensive technical service guarantees is needed in case something goes wrong.

When selecting your commercial coffee machine, consider machines that prioritise:

- Durability with easy maintenance
- Fast operation through colour touchscreens
- A full technical service, accessible 24/7

Commercial coffee machines: the most frequently asked questions & answers

If you have any questions, get in touch at any time through our contact form — our Selecta representatives are always happy to help.

Below, we’ve answered some of the more common questions about our machines.


Consumers or employees can pay for their coffee and drinks either by using traditional coin and note payments or through mobile devices — like Apple and Android pay —contactless cards and chip and pin.

All our coffee machines are equipped with all these payment options available so your employees and customers and don’t have to miss out if they’ve forgotten their wallet.


At Selecta, we understand that buying large commercial coffee machines may not be in the budget for every company or individual looking to set up a coffee stand.

That’s why we offer renting or lease schemes so that you can get your machines as soon as possible and spread the cost over an agreed period with manageable monthly repayments.