Healthy Vending Machines

Our vending machines make nutritious snacks the natural choice for customers – promoting a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

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Healthy Vending Machines That Scale to Your Business

Small To Medium Businesses

A healthy vending machine that can support 30 – 80 customers a day is essential for any medium to large-sized business. The smaller the team, the more space can be saved. However, the larger a business – the more access plays an important role in service.

When selecting health vending machines for small to medium businesses. That’s why Selecta offer:

- A variety of options that suit dietary needs.
- Machines that are easy to clean and restock.
- Adequate power outlets.

Large Businesses

Large companies need to expect to purchase a machine that’s able to support between 300+ employees per day. If the company has numerous departments, having multiple smaller machines may also be important – for good area coverage.

When choosing healthy vending machines for a large business, Selecta offer:

- Contactless payment for easy crowd management.
- Colour touch screens for ease of access.
- 24/7 technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does Selecta’s Service and Maintenance Consist Of?

Selecta full service takes care of all service and maintenance needs. This includes refills, regular technical checkups and consultations.

What Payment Functions Can Healthy Vending Machines Have?

Selecta provides payment options that range from cash registers to coin machines and contactless payment.

What Financing Options Does Selecta Provide?

Our healthy vending machines are available to buy, lease, or rent. Direct purchase is the best option if you are renovating, relocating or expanding your premises. Rental options are better for smaller businesses who are more sensitive to rising overheads.

Selecta: More Than Just the Average Vending Machine

  • All healthy vending machines are designed for a single purpose – to provide customers with the nutrition they need to get through the day. But Selecta does more than just that, providing high-quality, gourmet-standard food at an affordable price. 

  • Our healthy vending machines are included in our flexible lunch-food micromarket scheme, Foodies.  An all-encompassing solution for self-service catering needs.