Billi Quadra Tap

The Billi Quadra Tap is a name associated with innovation and precision. Billi Water Taps are a trusted premium choice for water machines.

  • Cold & hot tap
  • Energy efficient
  • Space saving
  • Variant: Hot Water, Chilled Water, Sparkling Water, Cold Water
  • Inside
  • Water Machines
  • still water
  • sparkling water
  • hot water
  • plumbed in
  • chilled water
  • Water

Get boiling, sparkling and chilled water in an instant with the innovative Billi Tap. This premium offering is intuitive yet simple, allowing you to delight your employees, consumers and guests. It's compact design, saves any space issues without having to compromise on quality. This tap system offers all the benefits of refreshing filtered water, as well as increasing the efficiency and speed of making a quick cup of tea or coffee. Additionally, these tap systems incorporate ever-improving eco-technology features. Billi Taps have a 7 day time-switch, ensuring the system is running only when it's needed.

Key Features

Chilled still, sparking and hot water
Compact design


Filtered water
7 day time-switch

All units fit within a 600mm base