Brita Vivreau Tap

Fits the needs for usage in offices, production sites as well as healthcare facilities. Choose from 4 water types: ambient and chilled still or chilled semi-sparkling or sparkling.

  • Cold & hot tap
  • Hygenic
  • Plumbed into all environments
  • Water Machines
  • Inside
  • still water
  • hot water
  • plumbed in
  • chilled water
  • sparkling water
  • Water

With an advanced and clever modern design and various dispense options to choose from, the Brita Vivreau tap dispenses chilled still and sparkling water, and hot water for tea. Smartly plumbed to flush waste with a fitting drip tray, a removable dispenser nozzle for improved hygiene. This tap is perfect for the office kitchen, executive offices or conference rooms. Available in a chrome or matte black design

Key Features

Chilled still, sparking and hot water
Fitted drip tray
Removable dispenser nozzle


Cooling capacity of 50 or 85l/h.
Many customisation options

dispensing height: 240 mm
ViTap Plus
dispensing height:
340 mm