Commercial coffee machines

Good coffee speaks for good service quality: it’s the signature of your business and a guaranteed sale, especially during the morning hours. A good commercial coffee machine makes your work easier and ensures excellent coffee enjoyment for your guests. With the world-class coffee machines in our selection, you’ll achieve great moments of joy – cup after cup after cup.

On this page, you will learn...

How to find the perfect commercial coffee machine

Which commercial coffee machine is ideal for your client base

What the Selecta service does for you

Our commercial coffee machines

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Commercial coffee machines: decide based on these two questions!

Which coffee specialities do you offer in your business?

The selection in your drinks menu speaks to your business. It’s up to you to set the level of choice and quality. Supply chains are a factor in this decision as is the preparation duration, and the overall composition of the food and drinks you offer.

Feedback from your customers is essential here: which coffee do they order? What speciality do they want? Do they want to enjoy the coffee to-go or in your restaurant? Compare this with your previous sales figures, and you’ll quickly see which commercial coffee machine is ideal for you.

How many cups of coffee do you serve each day in your business?

Each commercial coffee machine can produce an ideal number of daily cups of coffee. The number of coffee beans, construction, cleaning, and maintenance are different for each device. It also makes a difference whether coffee is an add-on or part of your core business. Therefore, determine how many cups you serve per day.

Don’t forget catering for special occasions or festivities. The number you have calculated plus a buffer of about 50 to 100 cups is a good guideline.

Also, pay attention to how many cups you need to prepare simultaneously – this way, you can plan your daily business with foresight.

The proper commercial coffee machine for every business

Every business has its unique requirements for professional coffee machines. Our devices serve the needs of kiosks, coffee shops and hotels.


Commercial coffee machines for your kiosk

If you run a kiosk, a space-saving option is ideal. Such an operation is about fast delivery of high-quality coffee – especially if you have walk-in customers who order a coffee to-go early in the morning.

A commercial coffee machine can achieve an excellent cost-benefit ratio if you plan up to 100 cups per day. In this category, some devices offer up to 21 beverage options and are also as easy to operate as fully automated coffee machines.

When selecting your commercial coffee machine, consider whether you would require:

- The quick preparation of coffee,
- variable sizes in the choice of drinks,
- as well as easy handling with well-calibrated drink settings.


Commercial coffee machines for bakeries, cafés and coffee shops

You can expect up to 500 drinks daily in bakeries, cafés and coffee shops. These should be prepared with a visually appealing cafe coffee machine because, in such a business, coffee becomes the signature drink for your clients. The type of preparation is also essential: barista skills are an important feature of excellent coffee art, which is why commercial espresso machines are a good idea here.

Machines in this category typically offer up to 24 coffee specialities. Match your device to your clientele’s wishes: is a masterfully prepared espresso the main attraction of your business? Or do your customers prefer a quick, classic coffee with their cake?

When selecting your commercial coffee machine, think whether you’ll need:

- A wide selection of coffee with barista craftsmanship,
- fast preparation,
- hygienic and automatic cleaning.


Commercial coffee machines for hotels and large restaurants

Coffee machines for hotels and large-scale catering have to deliver the perfect coffee taste, sometimes every second. At this size, expect to cater more than 500 drinks daily – at a minimum. Catering for numerous guests simultaneously plays a decisive role in professional coffee sales.

It’s also essential to clean and maintain the equipment to bring the best coffee per cup, even when there are lots of guests. Ideally, the industrial coffee machine in your catering establishment should be easy to operate, clean and maintain by any your staff.

In addition, a comprehensive technical service guarantees that everything runs on time and according to plan.

When selecting your commercial coffee machine, think about if you’d need:

- Durability with easy maintenance,
- fast operation through colour touchscreens,
- a full technical service , accessible 24/7.

Commercial coffee machines: the most frequently asked questions & answers

Do you have any questions?
Then we have the answers: you can reach us at any time via our contact form . Here are the most frequently asked questions about our commercial coffee and commercial espresso machines:

What does Selecta’s service and maintenance consist of?

In short: the Selecta full service takes care of everything. We make it easy for you to cater for your clients. The full service includes regular technical check-ups, refills and consultations to keep the quality of your catering outstanding.

What payment functions can commercial coffee machines have?

The payment systems for coffee dispenser machines range from a simple coffee cash register to coin insertion and contactless payment. High or regular usage requires faster payments: cashless payment is the most convenient for your clients.

What are the financing options for commercial coffee machines?

You can buy or rent professional coffee machines. These coffee machine rental and purchase options can be tailored to your needs. Direct purchase is a good option if you are renovating, relocating or expanding your premises and still have a budget to spend. The rental option is suitable for smaller companies that want to write off the rental costs immediately.

With Selecta, you discover more than just the best coffee machine for your business

Each commercial coffee machine has different strengths, but all Selecta coffee machines fulfil the same purpose: perfect coffee enjoyment with long service life.

With Selecta as your partner, you get high-performance commercial coffee machines from renowned suppliers with full service.

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