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As one of Europe’s leading innovative food and drink solutions provider in the workplace and on the go, we bring millions of moments of joy to people every day. Our world-class brands, partnership and service will make you smile all day long.

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A healthy lifestyle starts with a fresh idea.

Foodies combines fresh, healthy food with inviting, lounge like spaces. Your employees will enjoy natural, organic food and a new social hub where they can meet and collaborate. And you will enjoy a cost reduction of up to 40%.


Discover the We Proudly Serve Starbucks® Coffee Programme.

The We Proudly Serve Starbucks Coffee Programme is loved world-wide. Bring this renowned brand to your office and enjoy premium coffee every day.


Why deliver snacks, when you can deliver joy?

It’s not just about providing people with delicious food. It’s about putting a smile on their face. That’s why we reinvented self-service food and drink.

Our Purpose

Turn a commodity into an experience.

Different people, different needs

Make everyone happy.

Service 24/7

We are here for you around the clock.

Small to large

We serve businesses of all sizes.

Full service from A-Z

Tell us what you need - and let us do the rest.


The world's favorite brands. Now in your office.

Amazing taste. Highest quality. Decades of tradition. That's what consumers love about the world's favorite coffee and hot drink brands. And that's why we partnered with them - to bring an extra cup of happiness and satisfaction to your office or factory.


Products & Solutions - Designed for you.


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