Corporate Enterprise Catering & Vending

If you are responsible for a large enterprise, you will need an equally large partner. As one of Europe's leading food and drink solutions provider, we can provide you with scalable results in different locations across all countries. We offer a wide range of high-quality products, including our very own delicious fresh food market Foodies. Our world class service and state-of-the-art technology help create millions of moments of joy for your employees every day.


Making everyone feel great

Everyone in your company is important. That´s why we`ll work with you and survey your staff to create a menu that appeals to every employee. We`ll make sure we bring everyone that vital extra portion of joy, with the food they like the most, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free alternatives. This will make break-times and collaborative working more enjoyable and keep your staff fit, energized and healthy.

7 benefits for large enterprises.

An outstanding experience

Your employees will love our huge range of fresh, healthy foods and snacks.

Supporting company culture

Your special company culture is reflected consistently and constantly throughout all your locations.

Fully scalable

We will coordinate the roll-out and installation process across all countries and branches.

Integrate all stakeholders

We are experts in actively managing everyone involved in the process.

Something for everyone

Our varied product range pleases all tastes and dietary preferences.

Seamless operation

Our hassle-free technology and unrivalled operational and National coverage ensure that our service levels are always excellent.

Saving Costs

Compared to traditional catering, our attendant-free, innovative solutions can reduce your overall facilities costs by up to 40%.

Boost your employee engagement

For large enterprises, high employee engagement is crucial. Healthy and happy employees are more productive and give greater outputs. A high-quality refreshment solution can work wonders for staff morale and makes your workplace an attractive environment to be in.

Step by step: Our process for large enterprises

Needs analysis

We’ll come to your location and conduct a complete needs analysis and site survey. Within days.

Value proposal

We will provide a detailed proposal to show how our services can add value to your business. Within days.


Your new solution will be delivered and installed by one of our service ambassadors and ready for your employees from launch day.


We make sure everything is fully stocked and daily operations run seamlessly. Daily.


We’ll constantly monitor and improve our offering, reacting to the changing needs and priorities of your employees. Daily.

A product range to satisfy all tastes and requirements

Benefit from our extensive product range: From hot and cold fresh food, to
snacks and drinks. Our range will cater for all tastes and dietary requirements.

Borg & Overstrom T3
Borg & Overstrom E4
Thermoplan BW4C.png
Thermoplan Black&White4 Compact
Thermoplan BW4.png
Thermoplan Black&White4
Mars Intelligent Vending 1.jpg
Mars Intelligent Vending Machine
Aquablu Functional Water
Coffetek Palma H70
N&W Astro
B&O T1.png
Borg & Overstrom T1
B&O C2.png
Borg & Overstrom C2
B&O B3.png
Borg & Overstrom B3
Coffetek Vitro X3
N&W Canto
Sielaff Robimat
Monte Carlo
N&W Melodia
Schaerer Soul
Schaerer Club.jpg
Schaerer Coffee Club
duo850+ (1).jpg
Duo 850 Smart Fridges for Offices
Franke A300
De Jong Zia.png
De Jong Zia
Crane BevMax.jpeg
Crane BevMax (cold drinks)
Evoca Twist.png
Evoca Twist (6 spirals)
evoca orchestra.png
Evoca Orchestra
Crane Merchant.jpg
Crane Merchant
WMF Espresso.png
WMF Espresso
Saeco Area.jpg
Evoca - Saeco Area (Nespresso professional discs)
Zoe Cine.png
Cino Zoe (Nespresso compatible)
Lavazza Lavis.jpg
Lavazza Lavis
evoca maestro.png
Evoca Maestro
evoca opera.png
Evoca Opera
Crane Cali.jpg
Crane Infinity
Crane Cali
Franke A1000 (OTG)
Franke A600 (Workplace + OTG)
WMF 9000F.jpg
WMF 9000F
WMF 5000S.png
WMF 5000S+
WMF 1500S+
WMF 1100S.jpg
WMF 1100S
Evoca Korinto.png
Evoca Korinto Prime
Jura WE8.jpg
Jura WE8
Jura WE6.jpg
Jura WE6
Necta Brio Up-mini.png
Evoca Brio Up
De Jong Lua.png
De Jong Lua
Instant Duo - smart fridge.png
Instant Duo Smart Fridges for Offices
Duo 600 Smart Fridges for Offices
Instant Single - smart fridge.png
Instant Single Smart Fridges for Offices

Bringing joy to our clients.